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SCH-2127SCH-2127 To the staff, photographers and videographers at Hello Video & Photo,

Big THANK YOU to all of you! We loved the photos and we loved working with you as well.  The professionalism, talent and attention to detail made our day and our photos a great success.  As a designer myself, I was very nervous but you guys exceeded my expectations!

All the best,

- Shragi and Tzippora





To the entire Hello Video staff:

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Our wedding album is beautiful- each and every spread!

It captures all of our wonderful memories and we feel like we're reliving the wedding each time we look through it!

Thank you for all your talent, time, effort, and patience. It was truly a pleasure working with you!

- Ruchi and Meir



Thanks for keeping me up all night!!!! Words can't describe how I'm loving these photos!!! Captured it all - every wonderful moment!!! I'm crying with joy. You even made a cameo appearance!! So so excited to share these photos and relive such a wonderful event. Wow!!!!  - Sue 




·         :):):):) BEST EVER I can't get over it

·         what have you done to us? we are TOO happy and now we're going to explode

How do you expect me to EVER sleep or work or do ANYTHING again?! I can only look at these for the rest of my life

- Rachel 


Dan and I want to thank you all so so much for the most incredible wedding video ever! We LOVE watching it. It is absolutely perfect! We are so thrilled with how all of the pictures turned out too and, thanks to you, we have so many wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime! Thank you for everything! You guys did such an amazing job, we will refer you to everyone we know!!

- Rachel and Dan




I am emailing to thank you so much for the outstanding wedding photos. They truly are of superior quality - my husband and I were so pleased with your beautiful product. Please relay this message to your husband and the rest of the photography crew. I haven't yet seen the video, but my mother told me that she watched it yesterday and was crying over how beautifully and professionally it came out - "movie quality," she said. My mother also told me that you asked to use our photos for your new sample album - I am so flattered and would love to appear in your sample album! Thank you again for the unbelievable photography - I am so happy to have such beautiful keepsakes with which to remember all the aspects of my big day. - Kayla




33 THA-0672

 Dear Chaim and crew,

I wanted to express our delight at the fantastic DVD you put together for our family!  Watching it was truly like re-living this special occasion.  David and I were so  moved by seeing my in-laws moving around, talking to the cameras and clearly showing how much they enjoyed the wedding..  It is absolutely priceless to have this lasting memory of my father-in-law just before he passed.  Rebecca and Ari enjoyed it just as much as did his parents.  As you can imagine, we are still browsing through the pictures and are equally thrilled by your crew's skillful techniques and capturing touching moments.Some friends commented that the black/white images lent the pictures a timeless and ethereal quality, which was so true. I uploaded the CD you mailed us and was able to send pictures of my in-laws to all the family for them to have.    Your staff was exceptional in capturing all the sequences of the wedding, without omitting anything important, the very lively Tisch,  Bedekin, Chupah and showcased key indiduvalds in the most lovely and becoming ways. In other words,  you made us all look great! The staff was also very sensitive and mindful not to overshadow any important moment; we also appreciated their taking extra time to include family members who were late or straggled in, but needed to be included.  Thank you again for a wonderful exprerience!  We have referred you to several other famlies!

Many thanks and regards, Eve 





Thank you for doing a great job!

Your staff was pleasant and thorough.

They had such a wonderful manner, and were not in the way of the celebration, while capturing our simcha.

We can not wait to see the pictures!

Thank you for everything.

- Wendy and Isaac 

PS Many people asked who our photography staff was, so I hope this brings you future appointments.







Hi - we got the album and love it !  You did a great job!  Please send our best wishes and thanks to everyone for doing a fantastic job!

-Aliza and Aaron 








Just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work yesterday. You did an amazing job and were a pleasure to work with. I really appreciate your flexibility and your willingness to work with me to get what I wanted out of the photos. I can't wait to see the proofs!